How we work

Ceiling alert provides our clients with a range of options. We are happy to advise you on the bets way to clean your home or building, make it energy efficient, and find a solution right for your budget.

Once you contact us, we will arrange a free measure and quote within days. If you are happy with our quote we will schedule a time that suits you for our vacuum and insulation team to come and do the job.

Our way of working is entirely non-invasive and clean. Our steps involve:

  • We access attic cavities via the roof where possible to minimise the the chance of any dust entering your home. We will remove a few tiles, or access the attic via manholes.
  • Old insulation batts and bulky items are removed first.
  • Our industrial strength vacuum sucks up the remaining dust, insulation and animal mess.
  • New insulation batts are laid.
  • Any tiles or access points are reset as we found them.
  • We dispose of the dust and old insulation at a Waste Disposal Centre.

We schedule numbers of people on to the job so that it can be finished within the day where possible.

We are happy to answer any queries that you may have before, during or after we work on your property.